CUE 2017 National Convention - Day 2


George Couros is the author of "The Innovator's Mindset" 
His passion for student learning is infectious. He talks a lot about the opportunities that technology allows as opposed to the risks. 
Some of my favorite quotes shared during the presentation:
  • "The world only cares about - and pays off on - what you can do with what you know (and it doesn't matter where you learned it.)" Thomas Friedman
  • "Transformational leaders don't start by denying the world around them. Instead, they describe a feature they'd like to create." Seth Godin
  • The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it. - Chinese Proverb
  • Social Media is like water. You can either let us drown, or teach us to swim."
He shared the three things he thinks every high school student should graduate with:
1. A professional social network
2. A digital portfolio
3. An "about me" page

George received a very well deserved standing ovation.

SESSION 5: Getting Hyped up about Hypermaps

Presenter: Lisa Nowakowski
Lisa blogs at Nowa Techie
I have met Lisa digitally as a member of the CUE Innovative Educator Certificate program. Her presentation was full of great tips about how to use Google MyMaps in the classroom. With Google maps, you can add locations by dropping pins. On each pin, you can change the icon, add images, videos, and text descriptions. We learned how to draw lines and shapes, as well as how to use the measuring tools. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using it in the classroom. In my fourth grade classroom, we are studying routes to California. I am looking forward to using Google My Maps to have students follow various routes to CA as we read the books, Patty Reed's Doll and By the Great Horn Spoon.
One Lisa's blog she shares many step-by-step tips and tricks on how to use these tools.

SESSION 6: Expanding Our Students World through Global Collaboration

Presenters: Kelly Martin and Tanis Haboush

Kelly and Tanis have inspired me to take my class blogging farther. I have dabbled in blogging with my students, but I want to commit to blogging and sharing our blog on a more consistent basis.
They shared some great tools to help teachers get started. Student Blogging Challenge and QuadBlogging


They also talked about Global Read Aloud which is on my list of things to do in the fall of 2017.
This past year my grade level read the book, Pax, and I am bummed I missed out on this opportunity to have my class share their thinking about this book with other students in the world.


The possibility for our students to connect with others in the world helps them develop empathy and have a broader world view. They are no longer isolated to their hometown. They can learn what life is like in other places and use that knowledge to understand others. Students can learn from and teach students in other classes.

Presenter: Sherri Johnson, blog HERE

Sherri shared several tools that help bring the video content available on YouTube to our students in a safe manner. I had not heard of many of these tools. I am most excited to explore edulastic and to create lessons and assessments for my students. This will help implement flipped and blended learning opportunities for my students.

SESSION 8: Elementary STEAMing Through the Months
Presenters: Cleverthinkers

Cleverthinkers was developed by two former teachers that wanted to create a process for implementing STEAM activities easily in the classroom. They have developed STEAM units that connect to all the special holidays during the school year. They have several books for sale, but they offer many of their lessons as freebies via Teachers Pay Teachers.

EB CUE Affiliate Meeting

It was great getting together with the EB CUE members that were at the conference. I got to meet my affiliate leaders and celebrate the successes our affiliate has experienced - specifically the naming of the CUE Outstanding Teacher of the Year - Shauna Hawes, and Site Leader of the Year - Kevin Honey. Both of these amazing educators are from my district! #MDUSDProud

MDUD Team Dinner

Is was an honor to be experiencing CUE National with a team from my district. We were all able to gather and reflect on our conference experience at dinner together.

Great times all around at #cue17 @mdusd #mdusdproud #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

If you were at CUE 2017 I would LOVE to hear about your experience. What did you learn? What was your favorite experience?

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